Thursday, March 18, 2010



 I am so happy to see journalists starting to follow and track
Ahmed Chalabi. As I followed the trail of the Mayberry Mafia Branch of BUSHCO, Inc, this creature kept popping up in the most unusual areas.

"Indeed, Chalabi is far more than a jet-setting Energizer bunny. He is a prime example of what I call a "flexian", the movers and shakers of the shadow elite who glide across borders, and structure overlapping (and not fully revealed) roles in government, business, media, and think tanks to serve their own agendas. When players perform interdependent roles to serve their agendas, and when fundamental questions lack straight answers, we have likely encountered a flexian. Who is he? Who funds him? For whom does he work? Where, ultimately, does his allegiance lie? We never really knew, and still don't know, who Chalabi is.
Flexians thrive in the murky, ambiguous spots where state and private power meet. They bypass or undermine official rules, government, and bureaucracy; organizational loyalty; traditional authority; and professional expertise. And they brand their own version of the truth to suit their interests and those of their associates and fellow-believers." (click on title for full article)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sinead O'Conner Was Right

This IS war. (click title to view)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Terror From the Right

From 1995 to 2009, this is a comprehensive list and extensive information on what is the real danger among U.S. today. (to access, click on title)

McCarthy, Redeux, 21st Century

 As I continue on my dot-connecting, it's always good to see what's past, how it's still present, and what the future holds for US :

"Eventually, America learned that the Wisconsin Republican's famous list was a fabrication, that he was a liar and a demagogue as well as an alcoholic -- and that his authoritarian appeals to fear were worse than useless in defending our security. But by then, McCarthyism's self-serving and fundamentally unpatriotic promoters had inflicted grave damage on the body politic and international prestige of the United States.
Today, McCarthy's heirs are more slick and glib than he ever was, yet their fundamental methods are the same. When Elizabeth Cheney, William Kristol and their media friends slander Justice Department attorneys as the "al-Qaida 7" and malign the "Department of Jihad," they are engaging in the smear tactics that became synonymous with McCarthy.
What is different now is the cynical hypocrisy of the new McCarthyites, who know that the flimsy accusations they level against Democrats in the Obama administration could just as easily be turned on Republicans who served President Bush."   "(click title for full article )