Saturday, November 20, 2010

Citizens Blindsided: Secret Corporate Money in the 2010 Elections and America’s New Shadow Democracy

People for the American Way have come through with a "case history" of what Hillary Clinton called 'that vast right wing conspiracy'. (click on title)

People giggled. Eyes rolled. TinFoil Hat became a buzz item.

But. It was true. And it still is.

The 'test tube babe' of Citizens United ~ birthed by seditionist Federalist Society members John Roberts and Samuel Alito along with their fascist Antonio Scalia ~ allows a deep and extremely dark look into the 'sausage making machine' that's now our number one export: "Perpetual Political Machine" + WAR = "PEACE" for the top 1% who own the 'machinery'.

Madonna was on the right track describing this Oligarchy-R-US in her video It's a great analogy of where WE stand as humans inside this very large and focused machine of UberMensch

So, we have seen the enemy... and it IS U.S. ~ and those parts of U.S. must be viewed as cancerous.

It eats itself. Literally. Their motto is 'dog eat dog'.

So, spread the information. This isn't 'left' or 'right' or 'conservative' or 'liberal'. This is literally THEM against the rest of U.S.

Corporations hold no 'residency'. Their 'culture' spans nations (and next planets if the future holds). And that 'culture' is very very insular and 'tight'.

In any other time they would be known as 'organized crime'. That seems quaint today.

It's more like a religion ~ funny that should come to mind... with C Street and "The Family" and Opus Dei quite prominent among them.

Change is inevitable; growth, optional.
"Business as Usual" is what this Oligarchy-R-US needs.

That stymies progress. How utterly un-American of a Way.