Saturday, May 29, 2010

Biggest Danger to US as a Nation? "Onward Christian Soldiers"

"In their Friday, May 28th letter to the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club Joseph and Valerie Wilson wrote that Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder and head Mikey Weinstein has placed his life on the line in an ongoing campaign that has "almost single handedly" helped to blunt illegal and unconstitutional coercive evangelizing in the US military. Presumably that's why the influential and affluent Pacific Palisades Democratic Club of Santa Monica, California had offered Weinstein the club's Anne Froelich Political Courage Award, which in the past has gone to heavy hitters such as Ron Kovic, Phil Donahue, Daniel Ellsberg, and Joseph and Valerie Wilson.

But the club has just withdrawn its offer. The stated reason ? - Mikey Weinstein served in the first Reagan Administration. In response, in a gesture Hollywood can well understand, Valerie "Plame" Wilson and Joe Wilson are returning their Anne Froelich Political Courage to the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club - in an act of solidarity with their friend Mikey Weinstein.

Former US Ambassador Joe Wilson, who served in both the Clinton and George Bush Sr. Presidential Administrations, has recently joined Weinstein's MRFF Board of Directors.

Can Republicans exhibit "political courage"? According to Weinstein the club's decision to pull the award is ludicrous and offensive, and a "slap in the face" that appears to question the courage of fighting men and women in the US military, many of whom are Republicans, whose freedom of religion interests Weinstein's MRFF represents. The nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation has worked with over 18,000 clients in the US military, states Weinstein, 96% of whom are Christian."

Rupert (Flexian) Murdoch Needs to be Banished from the United States

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch incorporated News Corporation, Ltd. in South Australia in 1979. Since that time its Rupert has been it's CEO, Rupert has been building an international communications empire. The main activities of the corporation are newspaper printing and publishing, magazine printing and publishing, television broadcasting, film production and distribution, movie studio operations, and book publishing. This company is also associated with aircraft leasing companies, airline and passenger freight services, commercial printers, hotel and resort operators, news print manufacturers, other newspaper publishers, magazine printers and publishers, and satellite television broadcasters. Rupert Murdoch rules over an impressive array of companies. He has vertically integrated News Corporation, Ltd. - meaning his company owns media production, distribution, and promotion facilities.

Additionally, with News Corporation's connections to the travel and shipping industries, Murdoch has eliminated financial and international barriers to conducting business. His company is truly a Transnational Media Corporation. News Corporation has operations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Israel, Jersey, Bermuda, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United States, Brazil, U.S. Virgin Islands, South Africa, Sweden, Kenya, United Kingdom, Austria, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, France, Canada, Greece, Panama, Malaysia, Korea,Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Japan, and Zambia.

With operations in every continent, Rupert Murdoch has considerable political power and influence. This company obviously holds no allegiance to a particular country or political system. It conducts business in many countries with radically different political systems and ideology.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Murdoch is Glenn Beck's Boss ~ Who/What Else ?

"Last fall, when News Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch joined the board of directors at the Cato Institute, the announcement went unreported in major media. Perhaps it seemed routine for one of the world's most powerful media moguls to take a leadership post at one of the most influential think tanks in Washington.

At future meetings, Murdoch can count on rubbing elbows with his fellow media titan, John C. Malone--president and CEO of Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI), the largest U.S. cable operator--who has been on the Cato board since 1995. The two men are well acquainted, and their companies have long been intertwined in media deals involving satellite television, cable TV, program distribution and other big telecommunications ventures. Now the heads of both firms are formally helping to run a think tank which boasts that it has "actively promoted the deregulation of the television and telephone industries."

In recent years, the Cato Institute has neared the top tier of think tanks in the United States—on Capitol Hill and in the nation's news media. In the 1996 book No Mercy: How Conservative Think Tanks and Foundations Changed America's Social Agenda, Jean Stefancic and Richard Delgado write that the Cato Institute "played a key role in forming the ideas and policies of the new Republican majority in Congress." These days, "congressional committee chairmen increasingly look to Cato scholars for testimony.""

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

John D. Mazzuto: Wonder If He was SkullNBoner?

"Mazzuto and James W. Margulies – a Cleveland lawyer who was the company's finance chief and briefly succeeded Mazzuto as CEO – pleaded not guilty to grand larceny, scheming to defraud and other charges. Together, they're accused of stealing more than $60 million from the now-bankrupt company.

"This was the wholesale looting of a public company for greed and self-enrichment," District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said.

Mazzuto's attorney didn't immediately return a call. Margulies' lawyer declined to comment outside court."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism

Something for Future Reference ~ you aint seen nothin' yet...

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Yes, Dear, They ARE Racists ~ and They Really Don't Care

Soooo much info, and sooo little time

"This is your "Chickens coming home to roost" after 40 years of the Southern Strategy. The party of Lincoln? Not anymore, they haven't been the party of Lincoln for a long, long time now.

White Supremacists and Neo Nazi's used to hide behind white sheets and hoods. Now they hide behind websites and Republican candidates such as David Duke, Derek Black, who is the son of Stormfront founder Don Black and who actually won a GOP election in Florida."