Saturday, May 29, 2010

Biggest Danger to US as a Nation? "Onward Christian Soldiers"

"In their Friday, May 28th letter to the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club Joseph and Valerie Wilson wrote that Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder and head Mikey Weinstein has placed his life on the line in an ongoing campaign that has "almost single handedly" helped to blunt illegal and unconstitutional coercive evangelizing in the US military. Presumably that's why the influential and affluent Pacific Palisades Democratic Club of Santa Monica, California had offered Weinstein the club's Anne Froelich Political Courage Award, which in the past has gone to heavy hitters such as Ron Kovic, Phil Donahue, Daniel Ellsberg, and Joseph and Valerie Wilson.

But the club has just withdrawn its offer. The stated reason ? - Mikey Weinstein served in the first Reagan Administration. In response, in a gesture Hollywood can well understand, Valerie "Plame" Wilson and Joe Wilson are returning their Anne Froelich Political Courage to the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club - in an act of solidarity with their friend Mikey Weinstein.

Former US Ambassador Joe Wilson, who served in both the Clinton and George Bush Sr. Presidential Administrations, has recently joined Weinstein's MRFF Board of Directors.

Can Republicans exhibit "political courage"? According to Weinstein the club's decision to pull the award is ludicrous and offensive, and a "slap in the face" that appears to question the courage of fighting men and women in the US military, many of whom are Republicans, whose freedom of religion interests Weinstein's MRFF represents. The nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation has worked with over 18,000 clients in the US military, states Weinstein, 96% of whom are Christian."

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