Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh, That SLY Dick...Armey..N Teaparty..N..Fill In The Blank

One thing the right wing is known for is the ability to 'adapt' ~ kinda like a cancer ~ takes advantage of a 'weak' situation, acts like the 'host' to get embedded, then proceeds to eat them ~ and they like to play "Name that Acronym"

A LOT>> 

"Clarification to This Article
This article said that major financial backers of FreedomWorks, a Washington-based advocacy group, have included MetLife. MetLife contributed in the 1990s to Citizens for a Sound Economy, which merged with another group in 2004 and was renamed FreedomWorks. MetLife has not contributed to FreedomWorks, according to company spokesman Christopher Breslin." (click title for link to full article).

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