Monday, February 07, 2011

Let the Duel Begin...

Glenn Beck has been 'covering' himself for quite a few years behind this little 'religion' thing.

Constantly pointing out his 'friends' and 'ties' with the fundamentalist Dominionist set.

He's like "Howdy Doody meets John Birch Society meets Armageddon-R-US"; a trifecta of testosterone bottled and wrapped inna US flag, sitting on a bible.

Or a Book of Mormon.

Or whatever that mixture of "White Horse Prophecy" plus "shock jock" passes for 'free speech in the name of religion' (make sure to note that 501c3 on your 'donation' ThankUVeryMuch) today.

It's called tribalism and nationalism disguised as a religion.

Known as Dominionists.

Using religious ideology as a form of national government. A theocracy.

Definitely UN-American.

From today's 'message', it seems Glenn has decided to cut bait with any sort of 'normal' Republican entity, and double-down with his Hagee.

Will Glenn renounce his membership in the Mormon religion?

Can't have it both ways.

You are either a Christian or a Mormon.

Nothing 'slightly pregnant' about this.

We're talking a REAL 'apples and oranges' situation of utmost importance.

It has much to do with 'good and evil' ~

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