Sunday, February 06, 2011

Let's Review: Dominionists and Their Enablers

Many were wondering about the latest episode of Beck's show, with him appearing before the camera at the beginning, dressed in a rather ill-fitted brown 'robe' and fingering a rather over-embellished 'rod' (which was hand-made for him by an eager fan).

Well, wonder no more. This interview will clear up any questions you might have.

Here is Glenn Beck interviewing a familiar figure from the "Armaggedon and End Timers Club" , John Hagee ~ 'minister' of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Tx.

He is also a powerful figure in social battles ~ pick a social issue to scream about, and Hagee's money and backing is behind it.

He is the face of fundamentalist Dominionists. And a real bane to mainstream religion.

There are 7 sections to this ~ take your time.

Stop, walk away and go smell the flowers for a bit.

But, do try to go through the whole thing.

It will clear up many questions many of us have about Glenn, his motives, and his enablers.

Hagee & Beck 1 of 7

Hagee & Beck 2 of 7

Hagee & Beck 3 or 7

Hagee & Beck 4 of 7

Hagee & Beck 5 of 7

Hagee & Beck 6 of 7

Hagee & Beck 7 of 7

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